Black Cherry can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer

Black Cherry

Imagine standing in a cherry orchard, picking straight from the tree, with a glass of white wine in one hand and a seltzer in the other. Sounds perfect, right? Now mix everything together in a portable package, add carbonated Napa Valley water, and pop the top on Black Cherry Del Mar.

Grapefruit can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer


Crisp, refreshing, citrus – nothing describes grapefruit better than those three little words. If you’re a grapefruit fan, you’ll love the citrus flavors complemented and balanced out by the delicious Rosé wine-base in Del Mar.

Watermelon can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer


An all-American favorite, Watermelon is best complemented with good times and friends. Enjoy the Watermelon Del Mar Wine seltzer on a bright, sunny day, just as you would a glass of refreshing California Rosé wine.

White Peach can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer

White Peach

Daringly delightful – the perfect mist of white peach is a great match for any sunshine filled day. A Del Mar fan favorite, White Peach has a subtle sweetness while still expressing the flavor of our favorite stone fruit.