State of Mind

Like its namesake oceanfront city, Del Mar Wine Seltzer evokes a beachside state-of-mind. Popping the top of Del Mar brings memories of sun on your shoulders, friends by your side and toes in the sand. Reach for the beach with Del Mar — an all-new crisp and refreshing seltzer crafted from premium California wine, carbonated Napa Valley water and all-natural flavors.

At 95 calories per can, with simple ingredients, natural flavors, and no added sugar, Del Mar Wine Seltzer was designed with wellness in mind. Available today in four delicious flavors:

  • Black Cherry, made from California white wine, incorporates a hint of vanilla and lavender in the blend.
  • Grapefruit, made from California Rosé wine, is complemented by notes of rose and citrus.
  • White Peach, made from California white wine, has a light honeysuckle flavor.
  • Watermelon, made from California Rosé wine, offers a brushstroke of mint.

Each of the four refreshing Del Mar flavors captures the essence of delicious fruit, with a touch of natural sweetness.

Black Cherry can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer
Grapefruit can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer
Watermelon can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer
White Peach can of Del Mar Wine Seltzer

Low-Cal & Gluten Free

Del Mar Wine Seltzers are crafted with premium California wine, making them naturally gluten free, vegan friendly and delicious to drink. Each can of Del Mar contains less than 95 calories and no added sugar, giving you a crisp, refreshing beverage to enjoy without sacrificing your goals.

Low Alcohol

Del Mar Wine Seltzers 355mL cans, hold 2 1/2 glasses of wine in a single can at only 4% alcohol by volume. Del Mar has 1/3 the amount of alcohol compared to traditional wines which range from 11–14% alcohol by volume.

Easily Portable

Reach for the Beach, with Del Mar Wine Seltzers. Del Mar was designed with sunny, sandy days in mind. Whether you are grabbing a can of Del Mar to enjoy at a picnic, on the beach, or even at home with friends, Del Mar is easy-to-tote and ready for any friend filled adventure.

Sustainable Packaging

Del Mar Wine Seltzers are offered in recyclable aluminum cans. Simply pop-the-top and enjoy a crisp, refreshing wine seltzer without the worry of glass or waste.

Where to Find Us

You can find Del Mar Wine Seltzers at most major retailers across the U.S. Use this map to find a location that carries Del Mar Wine Seltzers near you and reach for the beach with your favorite flavor.